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Sunday Cravings: Cool Tees for the Summer

Sunday, April 7, 2013

For me, nothing beats a cool t-shirt! It goes perfect with pretty much everything and adds that laid back touch to either a sequin skirt or classic cut pants. It's an indispensable piece during the festival season, when you can pair it with denim jackets, dip dye shorts and leather skirts or during summer in the city, especially worn with boyfriend denim, dungarees or vibrant skinnies. I've already picked a few for myself, can't wait to receive them!

1. ASOS T-Shirt with All Over Galaxy Moon Prints | 2. Worn By Hendrix T-Shirt | 3. Motel Shiva Oversized T-Shirt

 1. Mango Slouch Tiger Tee | 2. Brat & Suzie Hippy Dog Burn Out T-Shirt | 3. ASOS T-Shirt with Printed Wings

 1. ASOS T-Shirt with Pattern Square Cross | 2. ASOS Boxy T-Shirt with Skull and Roses | 3. ASOS T-Shirt with Pixelated Pineapple Print

 1. Eleven Paris Biggie Small T-Shirt | 2. ASOS T-Shirt with PU Sleeves and Neat Print | 3. Eleven Paris Robert Pattinson Moustache T-Shirt

 1. ASOS SAR Baseball Top | 2. ASOS T-Shirt with 1991 Back Print | 3. ASOS Crop with Washed Number

1. ASOS T-Shirt with Paisley Live Your Own Truth | 2. ASOS T-Shirt with Washed Tie Die and Cross My Heart Print | 3. ASOS Vest in Tie Dye with Peace Sign

1. ASOS Oversized T-Shirt with Day and Night Print | 2. Only Alors T-Shirt | 3. Mango It Girl T-Shirt

1. ASOS T-Shirt with Space Print | 2. ASOS Vest with Zap Print | 3. ASOS T-Shirt with Space Photographic Print

 1. ASOS Vest with Heatseal Stud Tiger Print | 2. River Island Batman Tee | 3. ASOS Vest with Lightning Leopard Print


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