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Sunday Cravings: Statement Necklaces

Sunday, April 28, 2013

(images via VivaLuxury, Lovely Pepa, Sincerely, Jules, Kayture, Gary Pepper, Honestly WTF, The Blonde Salad and various tumblrs)

Until very recently I used to be the kind of person who would always put on lots of jewelry and then take it off before leaving home just because it's too much. I don't know what happened to me but I keep drooling over these crystal/chain necklaces that I see all over the web, so I couldn't help but invest in a gorgeous statement necklace from J.Crew, which I can't wait to receive. Check out what else I found! 
1. ASOS Queen Cameo Necklace | 2. Limited Edition Angel Wing Necklace | 3. ASOS Crocodile Queen Necklace
1. ASOS Spring Stone Necklace | 2.ASOS Multipack Mix Jewel Necklaces  | 3. ASOS Jewelled Punk Spike Necklace
1. ASOS Jewel & Coin Necklace | 2. ASOS Necklace with Bug Detail | 3. Krystal Swarovski Vintage Style Necklace
1. J.Crew Crystal-encrusted necklace in white | 2. J.Crew compilation necklace | 3.  J.Crew Crystal collage necklace
1. J.Crew Color collage statement necklace | 2. J.Crew Fan fringe necklace | 3. J.Crew Color mix statement necklace
1. Topshop Velvet Bead Stick Collar | 2. Topshop Layered Chain Wrap Necklace | 3. Topshop Premium Swirl Rhinestone Collar
1. Mango Crystal transparent necklace| 2. Faceted stones bib necklace | 3.  Mango Crystal cluster choker
1. Mango Necklace | 2. Mango TOUCH Crystals beetle necklace | 3. Mango Necklace

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