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romwe spring festival sale - up to 75% off ($3.99/160Php)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It was soooo hard to stay focused during my trip to Hong Kong last week. Everything was on Spring Festival/Chinese New Year sale. I had to fight the impulse to hoard, be a brat and spend all day in the mall (not really, but kind of...) . What I'm saying is that it was SUPER TEMPTING but I wasn't able to make the most out of it because I needed to make time for sightseeing, Disneyland, and eating. :P

There were some things I really wanted to buy but had to leave behind not just for lack of time but for lack of budget as well. (I don't feel comfortable maxing out my credit card and pocket money when I'm abroad in case of emergencies.) I have been thinking about those little things and how nice it would've been if I was able to purchase them ever since I got back. Yes, kinda "bitin" but now, that large gaping hole is being filled with ROMWE's Spring Festival Sale! It's got some of the stuff I missed out on plus a lot more for way less than they were selling in HK. Plus, since I'm back home, I can max out again (wahahaha, jk...kinda!) Anyway, I think this kinda news deserves a big YAHOOOOO!!!

Here's some of the stuff from the sale that I'm lusting over:

It's crazy! There are supahfly skirts that are currently selling for as low as $9 plus other stuff for as low as $3.99/P160. Super cheap + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Now, is seriously the time to hoard!


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