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20 minutes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My internet has been down since the other day and I have been relying on my phone's 3G connection to blog. It takes 3-5 times longer for me to finish a post so by the time I was done I was already running late for Bayo's Filip + Inna launch. Ana was already on her way and making it on time meant showering and getting dressed in a matter of 30 minutes.

The gods must've been shining down on me then cause against all odds, I managed to pull it off, make up and all! Here's the outfit I came up with...

About the make up, which I managed to apply in 5 minutes...here's what I did....

I used dual purpose products. Instead of applying eye cream and moisturizer after my bath, I replaced it with my Okuna Concealer and Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer. Both are packed with vitamins +SPF, are moisturizing and extremely good for the skin. Followed it up with Laura Mercier Creme Blush in Rosebud, K-Palette Liquid Liner in Brown and Mascara. Finished it off with Dior lipgloss. I just used my fingertips to apply everything to cut back on major time.

white vest street style
gold metallic clutch street style
peach origami skorts street style
digitalism.ph customized iphone case
personalized iphone case by digitalism.ph | cichic white vest (see here) | sm ladies fashion cream camisole | romwe peach origami skorts (see here) | stradivarius sandals | sm parisian metallic gold clutch

photos by Ana


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