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crossfit before and after - 2 month progress

Monday, June 2, 2014

So I've finally summed up the courage to post a slightly "skimpier" version of a before and after pic as compared to the one in my last post...

Hopefully/maybe next time, I'll finally graduate to a bikini photo but 'til then...

Let's stick with gym clothes.

After doing 2 months of Crossfit....tada!

crossfit body women
I wasn't really chubby to begin with...more "skinny fat" so maybe the change might not seem as drastic to some. (It's easier to shed weight and inches when you're bigger cause of all the water weight thus resulting in a more remarkable "after" pic). But to me, this is personally worth a "wow" moment especially after just doing Crossfit for 2 months.

My body has never looked this good.

Before childbirth, my skin was more taut especially around the belly but the rest of my body was soft and I was a bit heavier then.

Who would've thought that I would finally get close to achieving the body I always wanted now that I'm in my thirties? Definitely not me, but look!

To say that I am proud of my achievement is an understatement.

I tried different exercise regimens and diets in the past but none have been able to bring me results as impressive and as quick as this!

crossfit girls
But most importantly, I have also managed to address another problem most people have...

Will I be able to maintain it?
The answer is a BIG YES!

When I first started doing Crossfit, my goal was to achieve a sexier body. Same goal I had whenever inspiration would strike me to hit the gym before. Did that work for me? Not really...

I'm not sure if it was because I wasn't extremely overweight (just flabby) or if I just didn't want it that much. Either or, nothing happened. I just accepted my flaws without doing anything about it since in my head, I was "okay" even if there were days when I would feel extremely heavy. sluggish and bloated. I used to chalk that up to PMS.

So what's changed?

I am now positive that I can maintain it because my focus has shifted! I am no longer obsessed with the way exercise affects my figure. Instead, it's just a lucky "by-product" of a new hobby that I am totally addicted to because it's so much fun...Crossfit!

Unlike other workouts that are mostly predictable, Crossfit always keeps me guessing and I never get bored. The WODs are constantly changing and the skills are always challenging. The friendly competition among box mates also make me want try harder and get stronger. Those are my goals now. To finish with a faster time, to perfect my skills and to learn new ones like doing handstands and double-unders.

crossfit moms
So yes, I no longer dread gym days, I look forward to it and look for it when the box is closed or my schedule gets too tight and I miss a WOD (workout of the day). That is what makes me feel positive about maintaining my new health/body and of course I have to admit it's also a lot more fun stealing glimpses of my naked reflection in the mirror now :P

At 34, I can finally say that I am proud not only of the way I look for my age but also of how strong and healthy I have become (I hardly drink anymore, only on rare weekends!).

So to all the other  moms out there who have resigned themselves to having a "mom belly", don't! There's hope! It's not at all impossible and just like what they say about your job occupation...if you like what you do, it won't feel like work at all. :D

for more info on Crossfit for Beginners (you can check out this post)

My box, Crossfit Greenhills, has FREE TRIALS every Saturday at 2pm and I would like to personally invite you guys to give it a try, no strings attached. :)

Batch 4 for Crossfit 101 begins this June (ask about the groupon/early bird rate)

for more info, you can visit: www.crossfitgreenhills.com or check them out on Facebook 
You can also contact them via the numbers/email address in the poster above.

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